Hypnosis is a state or condition in which the client becomes highly responsive to suggestions.  During the hypnosis process a client is induced into a trance-like state which quiets the conscious mind and enables the subconscious mind to retain positive suggestions provided by the hypnotherapist.  Additionally, memory and awareness can be altered by these suggestions, helping to alleviate the impact of experienced trauma.  All of these self-enhancing effects may be extended after the hypnosis session through reinforcement and self-hypnosis.  Hypnosis can be used to maximize skills, change a behavior, address old trauma, overcome phobias, increase self-esteem, cope with anxiety or pain, and provide a deep state of relaxation.  Though the client is more open to suggestion during hypnosis, the client still retains a large degree of control.  The client will not lose consciousness, act in a way that is different to how he or she would act in a non-trance state, be unable to emerge from hypnosis, or be unable to exit the session.    

What Is Hypnosis?