I moved to Asheville in December of 2013 after spending seven years running an anti-human trafficking organization in Chicago.  My time in the nonprofit world was amazingly rewarding, and I worked with a great staff who did all they could to end sexual exploitation in our city.  And though the meaningfulness of what we did helped to sustain us, I was constantly aware of the emotional and spiritual toll the work took on each of our lives.

In 2012 I began a new journey- one of restoration and rejuvenation.  I became a Reiki practitioner to help brighten my spirit and to bring healing into the lives of those I worked with.  Seeing the transformative impact that energy work had for me and my colleagues, I felt called to expand my reach and open a practice help make healing accessible to all, especially to those working in the nonprofit world.    Every time a client pays full price for a session, that money helps cover the cost of a treatment for  someone working to create social change or someone else who cannot afford to pay for a healing service.  No one is turned away because I believe that everyone deserves resources to live joyously. 

Rachel Durchslag- Practitioner