I have been fascinated with and learning about alternative healing methods for decades. I didn't realize it at the time, but I had been practicing Reiki long before I became formally trained and certified. I believe each of us has the power to help heal ourselves. I bring to my work deep compassion, belief in every individual's light and empowerment, and years of studying different philosophies of how to connect with ourselves to learn from and appreciate our experiences in the context of our life journey.

I am delighted to share and help support you with this beautiful healing modality. I finished my Master Reiki certification in October 2020 and am honored to be practicing at Emerge Asheville.

Rachel Durchslag- Practitioner of Reiki, Thai Yoga Bodywork, EFT, HMR, Access Bars, and Hypnosis

Niki Kordus- Reiki Practitioner 

I moved to Asheville in December of 2013 after spending seven years running an anti-human trafficking organization in Chicago.  My time in the nonprofit world was amazingly rewarding, and I worked with a great staff who did all they could to end sexual exploitation in our city.  And though the meaningfulness of what we did helped to sustain us, I was constantly aware of the emotional and spiritual toll the work took on each of our lives.

In 2012 I began a new journey- one of restoration and rejuvenation.  I became a Reiki practitioner to help brighten my spirit and to bring healing into the lives of those I worked with.  Seeing the transformative impact that energy work had for me and my colleagues, I felt called to expand my reach and open a practice help make healing accessible to all, especially to those working in the nonprofit world.    Every time a client pays full price for a session, that money helps cover the cost of a treatment for  someone working to create social change or someone else who cannot afford to pay for a healing service.  No one is turned away because I believe that everyone deserves resources to live joyously.